Hi, I'm Simone

AKA roughnecks
welcome to the 🐦woodpeckers' nest

About Me

My nickname was borrowed from "Starship Troopers" - A military science fiction novel by U.S. writer Robert A. Heinlein. "roughnecks" is the name of the first Mobile Infantry Squad led by Rico. I'm still not sure why I chose a plural name for my persona; it's a bit odd, I reckon, but I got attached to it and it stuck.
I'm currently unemployed, mainly because of health issues, but I studied and worked for a bit in IT Department; that's still one of my greatest passions, along with PC Gaming. I consider myself as an eternal noob - in both categories - since there's always something new to learn and things often get more complicated over the years.

Personal LOG: A sysadmin's (mis)adventures
Here is where I talk about the stuff I'm doing on my server, things I break, bugs I find and so on.


doggo 1:0 garden

neighbours cat: Titty

neighbours cat: Silvestro

PipBoy watchface on a Mi Band 5


neighbours cat: Prime :)

CUSPIDE (The Intruder)

carp had a "rough" time but it's still alive

Mi Bunny

IPv6 Certification Badge

My Weapon of Choice: Steam

Years of Service
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PC MasterRace

I like RPG, Simulation, Racing, FPS, Turn Based Strategy, Narrative, Point & Click, Space and Card Games but I kinda play almost every genre. I'm not good at Fast-Paced and Stealth Games, RTS, Platformers and most probably something else too. I don't like Trivia, Match3, Word Games, Clickers, Mobile-Ports, Time Management, Flash Games, MMO and a few others for sure.
Also, I don't play so much as of lately...

π™²π™°πš‚π™΄: πš’πšƒπšŽπš” πš…π™΄πšπš…π™΄
𝙼𝙾𝙱𝙾: π™Άπš’πšπšŠπš‹πš’πšπšŽ π™±πŸΊπŸ»πŸΆ π™°π™Ύπšπš„πš‚ 𝙼
π™²π™Ώπš„: 𝙰𝙼𝙳 πšπš’πš£πšŽπš— 𝟻 πŸΈπŸΌπŸΆπŸΆπš‡
π™Άπ™Ώπš„: π™Όπš‚π™Έ π™Άπšƒπš‡ 𝟷𝟼𝟼𝟢 𝙢𝙰𝙼𝙸𝙽𝙢 πš‡ πŸΌπ™Άπ™±
πšπ™°π™Ό: πŸ·πŸΌπ™Άπ™± π™³π™³πšπŸΊ 𝟸𝟼𝟼𝟼 𝚌𝟷𝟼 π™²πš˜πš›πšœπšŠπš’πš›
πš‚πš‚π™³: π™Ίπ™Έπ™½π™Άπš‚πšƒπ™Ύπ™½ 𝙼.𝟸 πŸΈπŸ»πŸΆπ™Άπ™± π™½πš…π™Όπ™΄
𝙷𝙳𝙳: πš‚πšŽπšŠπšπšŠπšπšŽ π™±π™°πšπšπ™°π™²πš„π™³π™° πŸΈπšƒπ™±
π™Ώπš‚πš„: π™²πš˜πš˜πš•πšŽπš› π™ΌπšŠπšœπšπšŽπš› πŸ»πŸΆπŸΆπš† 𝟾𝟢+

My Reputation

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TF2 Favorite Maps

You can use these download links on your private servers, if you wish :)

sv_downloadurl "http://woodpeckersnest.space/tf/"

Steam BoT

Steam on XMPP

woodpeckersnest's services

If you want to join any of these services or have any question, scroll down below to the "Contact" section and send me a message, I'll be glad to help you out!

I'm running on my server.

neofetch for pandora

Services Health Status




In order to use your own email client, use the following settings if autoconfiguration* doesn't work:

  • IMAP: woodpeckersnest.eu | PORT: 993 SSL/TLS | Username (without the domain part) | Normal Password
  • SMTP: woodpeckersnest.eu | PORT: 587 STARTTLS | Username (without the domain part) | Normal Password

* Autoconfiguration works in current Thunderbird client and in current 6.7 beta K-9 client.

Works fine with DeltaChat. Each account has a disk quota of 1GB plus a 10% grace quota; when you reach 80% of your quota, a warning message is sent to your email.

XMPP Server

I'm hosting an XMPP server, which is basically a decentralized and secure chat service. I'm doing this just for myself and friends who'd like to join, so public registrations are closed and you need an invite to join.
The registration process is quite easy, your generated invite link will take you to the basic steps of choosing a client - there are many for each platform, Windows, Linux, Web, Android, iOS and MacOS - and sign-up, or just let you sign-up if you already have a preferred client.

A Web Client is also hosted locally on my server (supports voice chat, anonymous conferencing with Jitsy and screen sharing):

  • Conversejs: Connections limited to "woodpeckersnest.space" accounts

XMPP Gateways: Slidge

  • Whatsapp Gateway: connect to your Whatsapp account and sync contacts/groups
  • Steam Gateway: chat with your friends on Steam (currently offline - not in a working order)

Matrix Server

Last arrived is a Matrix server running "Dendrite", reachable at "woodpeckersnest.space". Registration to the public is currently closed - and I believe it'll stay this way - but friends can ask for an account and I'll happily provide one; just don't join the official #matrix room or shit will happen :)

A web client, as always, is hosted locally on the server, so you can connect to:

Mumble Voice Chat Server

Connect to "voice.woodpeckersnest.space" on default port. This is an Italian server, accepted languages are Italian and English. Bitrate is set to 128Kbit/s. We also have a music bot, streaming 24/24h. You will need a recent client to listen to the "chill" channel.

Direct connection to the lobby room


SearXNG is a free internet metasearch engine which aggregates results from various search services and databases. Users are neither tracked nor profiled.
Only available via IPv6



PrivateBin is a minimalist, open source online pastebin where the server has zero knowledge of pasted data.



Hosted here there is a web RSS Feed Reader powered by "FreshRss"; public registration is currently disabled but, as always, I can invite friends to join :)

Battle for Wesnoth (Game)

Connect to "woodpeckersnest.space:15000" to play Battle for Wesnoth Multiplayer - Corresponding wesnoth version accepted. No registration required. Third-Party Servers

Teeworlds (Game)

Install the Teeworlds client for your platform and search for "woodpeckers" in the MP games' list.

Schleuder Mailing List

Hosted on this server there is also an Encrypted Mailing List powered by Schleuder.
The list ("decentralize [at] woodpeckersnest [dot] eu") is about decentralized networks (Matrix, XMPP, the Fediverse etc..) but it's also a place for friends who want to join.. It's mostly for Italian people, but we can speak English too. About joining, here is how to:

  1. Send any unencrypted message to "decentralize-sendkey [at] woodpeckersnest [dot] eu". The system will reply you with a message containg the key to be used in the next step.
  2. With the key you got before, send an encrypted message to "decentralize-owner [at] woodpeckersnest [dot] eu". That's the list's admin account. You must paste your public PGP Key in the body of the message or - preferred - attach it as a file to the mail, so that I can add you to the list as a member. Maybe explain why you want to join if we don't know each other.
  3. Wait for a welcome message posted on the list itself.
  4. Enjoy the mailing list, you can now write to "decentralize [at] woodpeckersnest [dot] eu"

Delta Chat Mailing List

We also got an unofficial ML for Italian Delta Chat users, reachable at the following address: "dc-space [at] woodpeckersnest [dot] eu". You can subscribe to the list by sending an email to: "dc-space+subscribe [at] woodpeckersnest [dot] eu" and by following instructions.

Standalone BoTs

I'm also running 11 8 standalone bots

Contact Me

Lets get in touch. Send me a message!